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established 1905

Lawn Bowls was introduced to Hemyock by a branch of the Church of England’s Men’s Society in 1904, when they played on the Rectory lawn with the permission of the Rector. Hemyock Bowling Club was then formed on Wednesday 26th July 1905 on land rented from Mrs Tapscott. The first President was the Rev. John De B. Forbes, the first Secretary was Mr Arthur Thomas Baxter and the first Treasurer was Mr Robert Tait.

the game on the green

A “Bowl House” was built, in 1906, by members, of donated larch trees from Sir Charles Follett, a Vice President of the Club. The Bowling Green was re-laid between Oct. 1907 and Feb. 1908 by Mr W. Lowman at a cost of £9 – 9 – 8. Second hand turf from Weston was discussed but found to be too expensive. The lease of the Bowling Green was purchased in 1911, from Mrs Tapscott, by Mr Robert Tait, along with additional ground to make the Green measure 40yds by 40yds; he then rented it to the Club.

the game on the green

The club house, in its existing form, was officially opened by Mr David Bryant CBE on 16th July 1988 and extended to the present form in 2012.

The first recorded match was against Wellington, on 1st June 1906, in Wellington, which Hemyock won 52 to 24.

The first recorded club competition took place in 1911 and was won by Mr Robert Tait. It appears to be an accumulated competition as Mr Tait is recorded as accruing 286 points and the runner up, a Mr C. Keen, gained 279 points.

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