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established 1905

Hemyock Champions 2019

Men's Champion of Champions Terry Doble Trophy 4 woods, 21 shots Colin Risdon
Men's Two Woods Singles Presidents Prize 2 woods, 21 ends Adrian Hay
Men's Drawn Pairs Roller Cup 4 woods, 21 shots Howard Barns & Brendan Pring

Ladies' Champion of Champions Coleridge Cup 4 woods, 21 shots Jo Blackmore
Ladies' Two Woods Singles Greenslade Trophy 2 woods, 21 ends Barbara Heaton
Ladies' Drawn Pairs Olive Knight Cup 4 woods, 21 shots Shirley Phillips, Jo Blackmore

Mixed Singles Knowlman Trophy 3 woods, 18 ends Colin Risdon
Mixed Nominated Pairs 4 woods, 21 shots Barbara Heaton & Paddy Pain
Mixed Drawn Triples 3 woods, 18 ends Howard Barns, Jo Blackmore & Paddy Pain
First Timers 4 woods, 21 shots Adrian Hay

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