Club CrestHemyock Bowling ClubClub Crest

established 1905


1. Be on time for all games.
2. Dress correctly as per club dress code.
3. Stand behind the mat when a player is about to bowl.
4. Stand still when a player is about to bowl.
5. Keep to your own rink when walking up the green.
6. Pay attention to the game.
7. Wait for and acknowledge your skip's signals.
8. Praise and encourage your team.
9. Compliment your opponent on a good bowl.
10. Let number 3 decide the shots without interference from you.
11. Become conversant with the rules of the game.
12. Be humble in victory and generous in defeat.

1. Criticize, we all play the game differently.
2. Distract your opponent in any way.
3. Stand immediately behind the jack.
4. Talk when a player is about to bowl.
5. Stand in front of any rink markers.
6. Turn your back before your bowl stops.
7. Moan about wicks etc: we all get them – some more than others.
8. Discuss who has the shot – when in doubt measure – its quicker.
9. Be a bad winner – that is worse than a bad loser.